10 Easy Steps to Syncing your Fitbit with the Weight Watchers App

Many people ask whether they can sync their Fitbit with Weight Watchers.The answer is yes!

Using Fit bit with Weight Watchers has never been easier.  When you sync your Fit bit with the Weight Watchers app it will automatically calculate your FitPoints from your Fitbit activity.

Here\’s how to sync Fitbit with the Weight Watchers app with your iPhone or iPad.

1.  Open the app and tap the \”more\” menu at the bottom of the screen.  


2. Tap the \”settings\” icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 



3. Tap the \”devices\” menu item. 



4. Confirm that you want to sync your Fitbit with the Weight Watchers app.


5. Select \”Fitbit\” from the list of devices. 



6. In the Weight Watchers app you\’ll see the Fitbit login page. Log into this page with your Fitbit account. 


7. Once you\’ve logged into your Fitbit account you can select which activities you want to share from Fitbit. 



8. Once you\’ve completed the process you will see the Fitbit connected device notification on the \”devices\” screen. 



9. NOTE: The Fitbit activity data won\’t immediately sync. Check the Weight Watchers app after about an hour.

You\’ll see the Fitbit activity for that day appear in your Weight Watchers dashboard of the app. If you want to see a breakdown of the the Fitpoints you\’ve earned you can tap to see more.


10. Here\’s the breakdown of the number of steps and Fitpoints earned. 


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