February Member Motivation: Victoria



We wanted to take some time to give a shout out to our ChallengeBox member Victoria Corona from Dallas, TX. Victoria has been using Fitbit for little over a year and a ChallengeBox fan since January. Needing a little more motivation at the beginning of her fitness journey, Victoria joined ChallengeBox and found the incentive she needed to reach her goals. She now looks forward to each month’s challenge. We wanted to know more about her and her goals. So we asked!

CB: What are your current fitness goals?

Victoria: My ultimate goal has never been to be skinny. I am working on being at a healthy weight and being strong.


CB: What made you decide you begin your fitness journey?

Victoria: I knew for a very long time that I needed to be more active but I always said \”I\’ll start on Monday\” and every Monday came and went and I didn\’t start. It really hit when I took a trip, and looked at the pictures when I came back, and I didn\’t recognize myself in those pictures.


CB: What do you like best about your Fitibt?

Victoria: I just like being able to check how active I\’ve been during the day. Usually I like checking it after work, that way I can see if or for how long I need to workout that day.


CB: How did you first hear about ChallengeBox?

Victoria: I posted something on Instagram, and ChallengeBox liked my picture. I took a look at their profile and then their website.


CB: What is most appealing about ChallengeBox to you?

Victoria: Well…. I like everything!… I like that it’s linked to my fitbit, and offers incentives to reach my goals. I also like the snacks, because it gives me the chance to try things I wouldn\’t normally buy or try. I like the workout gear because it helps me build my mini gym at home for when I can’t get to the gym.


Victoria was so inspired by ChallengeBox she has designed two calendars that you can download and print out to help you reach your fitness goals.

Download them here:

Challenge Calendar 1

Challenge Calendar 2


Get inspired by Victoria and follow her on Instagram @fat2fitvic