How to Get Fit by Eating Healthy Fat

Fats are essential for every healthy diet, and especially for anyone looking to shed some weight. Remember you need to eat healthy fat, to burn fat.


Do you find yourself fearing fats? Do you quiver at the thought of adding them into your diet?

You may be dealing with fat phobia, and you’re certainly not alone..

What if I told you that you actually had to eat fat to lose fat, and that eating fat would make you slim, would you believe me? …If you’re ready to hear the truth about fat I’m here to tell you why healthy fats should be a part of every healthy diet, and that fat is a critical component of weight loss success

Fats are essential for every healthy diet, and especially for anyone looking to shed some weight. Remember you need to eat healthy fat, to burn fat.

So you may be wondering how in the world eating fat is actually going to help you shed those stubborn pounds. I’m about to break it down for you, and debunk every myth you ever heard about why fat is bad for you.

Here are the top 4 reasons why anyone trying to lose weight needs healthy fat in their diet:


  • Fat Burns Fat: 

    Scale 1Did you know that fat is a major source of energy for the body? 1 gram of fat packs in twice the amount of energy as one gram of protein and carbohydrates combined. So, here it is plain and simple, if you want a fast metabolism that runs like a fat burning machine you need to eat fat. Your body cannot burn fat without energy. In fact, you know that stubborn fat that’s been stored in your body for months? Well, it actually needs new healthy fats in order to clear it out! Research from Washington University school of Medicine proved that dietary fat helps to break down existing fat. So go ahead and enjoy the sliced avocado on your toast, or the coconut butter in your smoothie. Your old fat needs it!


  • Fat’s Keep you Full:

    Fats are going to keep you full much longer than heavy carbohydrates, or protein alone. Due to the fact that fat is not digested as quickly as the other two macro-nutrients, your body holds onto it longer. This is great news for you, since you’re not going to want to reach for that candy bowl at work, after snacking on homemade trail mix, or enjoying a turkey burger with some avocado. The healthy fats are going to keep you full longer, leading to a greater chance of weight loss success!


  • Fat Helps with Vitamin Absorption: 

    Fish OilSimply put, our bodies need fat for more than one reason, but a major reason is for vitamin absorption. Ever hear about fat soluble vitamins? These vitamins need fat to be absorbed. If you’re depriving your body of healthy fats, you run the risk of becoming deficient in vitamins A, D, E, and K which can lead to a number of different health conditions including muscle pain. What happens when you have muscle pain? Chances are you won’t be exercising, and without exercise your weight loss goals may not be met. These fat soluble vitamins are necessary for overall health, including weight management, so don’t deprive your body by withholding fats! Use olive oil, tahini, or even avocado oil as your salad dressing, it’s only going to help your body absorb all of the wonderful vitamins in your salad!


  •  Fat Increases Motivation:

    The fat found in salmon, flax seeds, and walnuts, are called omega 3 fatty acids, and are responsible for boosting serotonin levels in your brain, not only making you happier but giving you a boost of motivation! I don’t know about you, but I think we all could use some fitness motivation once in a while, and all you have to do is eat fat! Omega 3’s also help you focus, so you can power through your workout, motivated and focused to reach your goal.


Have I convinced you to run to your kitchen and start eating healthy fat yet? Fats are essential for every healthy diet, and especially for anyone looking to shed some weight. Remember you need to eat fat, to burn fat.


Here are 5 Healthy Fats you should Starting Eating now!


  1. Avocados:Avocados

    Who doesn’t love an avocado? Avocados make the perfect addition to any salad, veggie sandwich, and can even be used as a substitute for things like mayonnaise in chicken salad. Seriously, an avocado based chicken salad is out of this world delicious, and super nutritious.  The healthy fat in an avocado is a great addition to your meal plan.


  1. Coconut oil:

    Coconut oil has been all the rage for the past couple of years, and I am totally on board. Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid, and is actually used for energy. This means unlike other fats, coconut oil is going to be used as a source of fuel before its store as fat! This oil is also the best option for cooking, as it has a high smoke point making it practical, and nutritious. Try adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your pre-workout smoothie to fuel your body with some energy boosting, fat burning, well…healthy fat! See what I mean, healthy fats actually help you shed fat.


  1. Nuts & seeds:

    Nuts & seeds make for the perfect on the go snack, but you can also get a little creative and make your own homemade trail mix. Nuts will help you feel more satisfied after snacking that you are less likely to overeat. Sounds awesome right? Next time you’re craving something sweet, try a handful of walnuts, or almonds to curb your appetite, and fuel up on nourishing healthy fats.


  1. Olive oil: 

    Olive oilSurely you have heard all about the heart health benefits olive oil holds, not to mention cancer protective properties, and its ability to fight inflammation. I mean the list goes on and on when talking about the benefits of olive oil. Not only will olive oil protect your health, but it can also help you lose weight! Swapping out damaged hydrogenated fats for the healthy fat in olive oil can help you shed the weight you’ve been wanting to lose. Try adding 1 Tbsp. of olive oil with a squeeze of lemon to your salad for a fat busting salad dressing.


  1. Tahini:

    This is the deliciously creamy stuff that goes into hummus. It’s made out of sesame seeds, and will completely transform a homemade salad dressing, or sandwich spread.

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Do you have a favorite healthy fat?

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