5 Reasons To Skip Your Cardio

Beat boredom, save time burn fat and more by skipping traditional cardio and opting for a full body HIIT workout instead!

Skip Your Cardio and do a HIIT Workout - ChallengeBox


You will never find me on a treadmill for more than 10 minutes. In fact, I will never spend any significant amount of time on any cardio machine, and I won’t make my clients do it either. Some (few) people enjoy long bouts of cardio, I’m not one of them. And if I had to take a guess, either are you.

Unless you are training for a marathon or some other long distance endurance activity, there is no reason you need to suffer through long cardio sessions. In fact, you can get in your cardio and your resistance training at the same time, and it’s better for your body.  I’m sure you’ve heard about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) by now, it’s a form of training that alternates bouts of intense activity with less intense, sometimes active, recovery intervals. A full body HIIT workout should get your heart pumping and alternate work of all of your major muscle groups.

I know it seems crazy, but here are 5 reasons why you should skip doing traditional cardio and and join the HIIT workout craze instead.

Less Time

In a traditional exercise program, you will spend over an hour getting in your warm-up, cardio, weight Save time-Challenge Boxtraining and cool down. Since HIIT workouts combine everything into one workout, you can do an effective workout in just 30 minutes. A 30 minute workout is much easier to schedule into your day than an hour gym session. As HIIT shows us, a good workout is less about time and more about effort.




Burn Fat-Challenge BoxBurn More Fat

Since HIIT workouts require you to put in 120% effort on alternating intervals, your body reaches an anaerobic zone where you are working as hard as you possibly can for a short period of time instead of maintaining a steady pace for the entire workout. This kicks your body into overdrive, not only burning more calories during your workout, but also allowing your body’s metabolism to stay elevated for a longer period of time after you finish.


Do It Anywhere Park workouts-Challenge Box

Since HIIT workouts require little to no equipment, you can do them anywhere. Seriously, you can workout on your lunch break in a break room, outside in the park or in your living room: the options are limitless. Anywhere that you have enough space to move is the perfect place for getting in a HIIT workout.


                                                                                                      Beat Boredom

Cardio-Challenge BoxLet’s face it, traditional cardio is boring. Sure,  you can incorporate HIIT into a traditional cardio routine, but it’s not for me. I much prefer challenging full body HIIT workouts that allow me to skip the long, boring cardio sessions all together. Plus, you can change up your HIIT routines much easier than you can change up a 30 minute session on a treadmill. Less boring, more exciting workouts mean that you are more likely to stick to your routine!





Little Equipment

It’s possible to do a full body, 30 minute HIIT workout without any equipment at all. That’s right, all that weight equipment at most gyms is totally unnecessary. You can still burn fat and build muscle using your own body weight and doing exercises like push-ups, lunges and squats.

Here is a sample HIIT workout that you can do anytime, anywhere:

HIIT Workout -Challenge Box

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