The Ultimate 30 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

30 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan - ChallengeBox

We’ve created the ultimate 30 day meal plan that’s perfect for the fall. It is a detailed guide including a nutritionist note, eating time recommendations and a full alternating day and week meal plan.

75% Diet.  25% Exercise.

You’ve probably heard the phrase weight loss is 75% percent diet, and 25% exercise. This is why we include fun healthy snacks in each month’s ChallengeBox.

But what about the rest of your meals? Is the food you eat getting you the results you want? Our nutritionists have come up with a step-by-step 30 day meal plan to help you eat clean and feel better.

The ChallengeBox Ultimate Clean Eating Meal Plan is a four week plan that is easy to follow and delicious. The plan recommends 5 meals throughout the day and includes about 1500-1600 daily calories.

Download the 30 day meal plan today. Everything you need to get started eating clean. Includes recipes and grocery lists. Vegetarian version also available.

The ChallengeBox 30 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan includes:

Spotlight Foods – All of the ingredients we’ve included in our meal plan and why.

Alternating Day Menus – Variety is exciting. So you’re not eating the same thing every single day, we’ve added alternating day meals so you can switch it up.

Recipes  (Members Only) – Simple recipes with all of the ingredients and  cooking instructions that you can complete in minutes.

Weekly Grocery Lists – The weekly grocery list will make it easy for you to download print and go.

If you are a ChallengeBox member download the detailed 30 day meal plan here. If you are not a ChallengeBox member you can get the basic meal plan sent for you free by Clicking Here.