No Equipment Total Body Workout!

Get a total body workout without any equipment.  Plus, you’ll never even have to leave your house!  This total body workout will help you get strong.

Get a total body workout without any equipment. Plus, you'll never even have to leave your house! This total body workout will help you get strong.You don’t need a gym to build strong, lean and toned muscles! Calisthenics, or body weight exercises, are an amazing way to tone and strengthen every inch of your body! Here are 3 simple exercises that work all the major muscle groups. You can do them anytime, anywhere for a total body workout that will get your heart rate up while building strength at the same time!


Side Plank with Dips: Planks are hard, but they are one of the best exercises that you can do to work your entire body, especially the arms and core. Side plank dips will help you to build strong, sculpted muscles, while helping you learn how to manipulate your own body weight. Plus, you’ll get a total body workout at the same time!

Side Plank-Challenge BoxSide Plank Dip-Challenge Box

How to do a Side Plank Dip: Start in a side plank position with one arm on the ground, fingers spread wide,  and the other arm extended upwards. Make sure you keep your body in alignment by keeping your bottom shoulder stacked over your wrist and your top arm extended straight out from the shoulder. Lift the hips up so that there is a straight line from your toes to your shoulders. Just holding this pose can be challenging, but you can take it one step further by rotating the top arm down and across your body while you dip your hips lower to the ground. Raise the hips and arm back up the starting position and repeat. Make sure to pay attention to your form, keeping your wrist and shoulder stacked throughout the entire movement.

V-Up’s: V-Up’s are a super intense core workout, as they work both the upper, lower and mid abs. They are are an excellent way to learn to keep the entire body engaged and aligned.

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How to do V-Up’s: Lay on your back and engage your core by tucking your pelvis up towards the ceiling and squeezing your glutes so that you are in a hollow body position. Arms should be extended over your head. Keep both the legs and the arms straight and engaged, lift both the legs and the torso up at the same time, keeping the core engaged throughout the entire movement. Lift the body as high as you can, ideally touching your hands to your toes. Slowly lower down and return to hollow body, repeat!

Tricep Push Ups: Most people do push-ups with their hands wide and their elbows out. Those are great for working your chest, but tricep push-ups work the back, triceps and deltoids, three important parts of toned, sculpted arms! Since tricep push-ups are closely related to planks, they are also great for building a strong core.

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How to Do Tricep Push Ups: Lay on your stomach, placing your hands underneath your shoulders, middle fingers pointing forward. Engage your core and, keeping your arms close into your body, push up to a high plank. Continue engaging your core as you slowly lower down, ending just above the ground. Avoid letting your back arch, or sticking your bum up unto the air, this means your core is not engaged! Repeat!

Since you don’t need any equipment, you can do this total body workout anytime and anywhere! So get moving and get strong! Get a total body workout without any equipment. Plus, you'll never even have to leave your house! This total body workout will help you get strong.



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