100 of the Best Free Workout Video Channels

26. Love Sweat Fitness

Katie from Love Sweat Fitness are quick workouts that will get you sweating, and get you toned.

Love Swet Fitness Youtube Video Channel

Love Sweat Fitness Website

27. Body Project

The Body Project has a wide range of workouts including HIIT cardio, resistance training, pilates and yoga.

Body Project Youtube Video Channel

The Body Project Fitness Website

28. Femnique

Femnique offers quick simple workouts that you can follow at your own speed.

Femnique Youtube Video Channel

Femique Website

29. Lauren Hefez

Lauren’s channel includes high energy workouts for toning.

Sweat with Lauren Hefez Youtube Video Channel

Lauren Hefez Website

30. Laura London

Laura’s workout videos are geared to busy women’s lives. She uses fitness items that you can use in your living room.

Laura London’s Youtube Video Channel

Laura London Website

31. Caroline Jordan Fitness

Caroline’s workout videos focus on holistic fitness and pain relief including back stretching, posture as well as foot strength.

Caroline Jordans’s Youtube Video Channel

Caroline Jordan Website

32. Jenny Ford Fitness

Jenny Ford’s aerobic videos are easy to follow, and they get your cardio going.

Jenny Ford Fitness Youtube Video Channel

Jenny Ford Fitness Website


My o My Workouts are focused on jumpstarting your fitness routine. Ideal for beginners.

MYOMY Youtube Video Channel

MYOMY Website

34. FitnessType

Fitness type workout videos help you burn fat, tone your muscles, getting stronger and living a healthy life

FitnessType Youtube Video Channel

FitnessType Website

35. How to work out by Heidi Somers

How to work out by Heidi Somers has videos for correct techniques for beginners lifting weights.

Heidi Somers Youtube Video Channel

36. Evin Himmighoefer – Wow Body Now

Evin’s workouts are basic workouts that anyone can do from their home.

Evin Himmighoefer – Wow body now Youtube Video Channel

37. Mike Donavanik – MikeDFitness

Mike Donavanik’s workout are high energy workouts that are for intermediate to advance fitness levels. They’ll get your blood pumping and the sweat flowing.

Mike D Fitness Youtube Video Channel

Mike D Fitness Website

38. Zen Dude Fitness

Jump rope and bodyweight workouts to get you sexy and feeling happy in less than 30 minutes a day.

Zen Dude Fitness Youtube Video Channel

Zen Dude Fitness Website

39. Angie Fitness TV

Angie’s videos are low impact workouts that are great for beginners

Angie Fitness TV Youtube Video Channel

Angie Fitness TV Website

40. Sofa Bar

Sofa Bar has quick body sculpting exercises as well as unique workouts including ballet.

Sofa Bar Youtube Video Channel

Sofa Bar Website

41. Paula B Fitness

Paula B’s running workouts allow you to get the run in from the living room.

Paula B. Fitness Youtube Video Channel

Paula B Fitness Website

42. Fit Force FX

J’s workouts will help you get toned and your body sculpted. Her 21 day bootcamp will get you sweating.

FitForceFX Youtube Video Channel

FitForceFX Fitness Website

43. Get fit with Mindy

If you’re looking for kickboxing videos Mindy’s workouts are for you. Her routines not only cover Kickboxing she also includes weight training and HIIT.

Get Fit With Mindy Youtube Video Channel

44. Summer Girl Fitness

Summer Girl fitness will get you toned with her mix of Barre, Tabata and HIIT workouts.

Summer Girl Fitness Youtube Video Channel

Summer Girl Fitness Website

45. Puzzlefit

Puzzle fit video workouts focus on building strength through each body part.

Puzzlefit Youtube Video Channel

Puzzlefit Website

Top Yoga Workout Videos

46. Yoga with Adrienne

Yoga with Adriene has yoga exercises for everything from soothing backpain to headaches. This channel also has traditional yoga exercises as well.

Yoga with Adriene Youtube Video Channel

Yoga with Adriene Website

47. Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles Yoga channel includes yoga videos that will help you build your yoga strength.

Tara Stiles Yoga Youtube Video Channel

Tara Stiles Yoga Website

48. Leslie Fightmaster

Fightmaster Yoga creates a wide array of exercise videos. They are high quality, and will give you the yoga fix you’re looking for.

Leslie Fightmaster Youtube Video Channel

Leslie Fightmaster Yoga Website

49. Boho Beautiful

Part romance novel, part Yoga Channel Boho Beautiful creates Yoga videos that celebrate love, and will give you an intermediate to advanced yoga workout.

Boho Beautiful Youtube Video Channel

Boho Beautiful Yoga Website

50. Yoga by Candace

Candace creates quick effective yoga videos that you can do in under 20 minutes.

Yoga By Candace Youtube Video Channel

Yoga By Candace Website