9 FREE and Fun Dance Workout Video Channels

Lose weight with these fun dance workout video channels on YouTube. Learn new moves. Get a great workout right from your living room!

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We all love a good dance workout. They’re fun exercise, they can really get the heart rate going, and you can let go a bit to the latest pop tracks. We’ve found the best dance workout videos on YouTube that you can do from your living room.

1.The Fitness Marshall

Caleb’s workouts will make you feel like you’re in a music video. They are fun, fast and they will make you sweat!

The Fitness Marshall Youtube Video Channel

The Fitness Marshall Website

2. Kiera Lashae

Kiera’s workouts are pure energy. You can skip the club, because you’ll get a full dance on with these videos.

Kiera Lashae Youtube Video Channel

If You Can Move Website

3. Dance Fitness with Jessica

Jessica’s dance workouts are short and easy to follow along with. They are easy to follow along with, but they’ll also give you a great muscle workout.

Dance Fitness with Jessica Video Channel

4. CLUB Fitz

Lauren and Kelsi make CLUB Fitz. Their dance workout videos combine dance moves and more traditional workout moves. With their channel you’ll get strength training in addition to your dance workout.

CLUB Fitz Youtube Video Channel

CLUB Fitz Website

5. Scola Dondo

Scola’s workouts are geared towards a younger crowd. They’re fun workouts based in African dance and help you tone various body parts.

Scola Dondo Youtube Video Channel

Scola Dondo Blog Website

6. Refit Revolution

REFIT’s workouts are tightly choreographed workouts set to contemporary tracks. The are easy to follow but they’ll still get your heart going.

Refit Revolution Youtube Video Channel

Refit Revolution Blog Website

7. Doonya

Based on Indian dance, Doonya workouts are cardio and conditioning intervals of varying intensity, activating abs, arms and legs by using your own resistance and muscle control.

Doonya Youtube Video Channel

8. Shine Dance Fitness

Shine offers short and fun dance workouts to the hottest pop songs.

Shine Dance Fitness Youtube Video Channel

Shine Dance Fitness Website

9. Get your fit on with tara

Tara’s workouts are energy packed and set to the latest dance hits. If you can keep up you’ll have fun and get a great workout while you’re at it.

Get your Fit on with Tara Youtube Video Channel

Get your Fit on With Tara Website

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Lose weight with these fun dance workout video channels on YouTube. Learn new moves. Get a great workout right from your living room!