Here are the 13 Best HIIT Video Workouts

These are the 13 best free video channels for HIIT workouts on Youtube you can follow your living room. Learn new exercises and get in shape!

The Best Video Channels for HIIT Workouts on YouTube

These are the 13 best free video channels for HIIT workouts on Youtube you can follow your living room. Learn new exercises and get in shape!

You’ve probably seen the term HIIT training or HIIT workouts. But what exactly does it mean? Well HIIT is short for “High-Intensity Interval Training”. These workouts are geared towards quick intense movements that will get your heartrate up and burn more fat than most other workouts. One of the defining characteristics of HIIT is that it requires you to really push yourself. This is why HIIT video workouts are ideal. They can give you that extra push even when you feel like you might want to quit.

Sounds tough right? Well there’s good news. The other characteristic of HIIT workouts is that they are interval-based. Which means you work really hard for a short period of time, and then you rest. So even though you’re pushing yourself to the max, you’ll also have time to recover between exercises.

Here are 13 of the top HIIT workout video channels on Youtube you can watch for free to get your exercise routine started.

1. The Body Coach

The body coach has high energy workouts that are quick and easy to follow along with. Don’t be deceived, they will definitely get your heart rate up and your muscles burning.

The Body Coach Youtube Video Channel

The Body Coach Website

2. Christine Salus

Christine’s HIIT workouts are short and effective. They are focused on both building strength and getting you toned.


Christine Salus Youtube Video Channel

3. Millionaire Hoy

Millionaire Hoy brings the energy with his aerobic HIIT workouts. You’ll bounce around get your heart rate going and your sweat on.

Millionaire Hoy Youtube Video Channel

4. Hang with MarC

MarC focuses on light weight workouts, and workouts with only body weight.

Hang with MarC Youtube Video Channel

Hang with MarC Website

5. Betty Rocker

Betty’s HIIT workouts are short and each focus on toning a specific body part.

Betty Rocker Youtube Video Channel

Betty Rocker Website

6. Shelly Dose Fitness

Shelly’s fast HIIT and Tabata workouts will get your heart going.

Shelly Dose Youtube Video Channel

7.  Melissa Ioja – HIIT Mafia

Melissa’s workouts are fast paced geared to people of intermediate fitness levels. They are challenging and will kick your butt!

Melissa Ioja HIIT Mafia Youtube Video Channel

HIIT Mafia Website

8.  Relentless Jake

Relentless Jake’s videos are like having a personal trainer. His workouts focus on technique so you’re confident you’re getting a great workout.

Relentless Jake Youtube Video Channel

Relentless Jake Website

9.  Kat Musni

Kat’s 20-30 minute HIIT workouts will keep your heart rate up, and have you burning fat.

Kat Musni Youtube Video Channel

10.  SuperMOM

Erin’s Youtube workout channel inspires moms to take the time to exercise. Her workouts combine kickboxing and HIIT to give you a full body workout.

Super MOM Youtube Video Channel

Super MOM Website

11.  HIIT Like a Girl

HIIT like a girl includes longer workouts that will get your heart rate going. These workouts typically use weights so if you’re looking for strength training this is the channel for you.

HIIT Like a Girl Youtube Video Channel

12.  Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson has a variety of workout videos that range from HIIT to body sculpting

Heather Robertson Youtube Video Channel

Heather Robertson Website

13.  Group HIIT

Group HIIT provides programs for all levels that can be completed at home, work or anywhere you can come together.

Group HIIT Youtube Video Channel

Group HIIT Website

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