January 29, 2016

LP Flow 2 – Step 1

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ChallengeBox sends you a new, personalized fitness box each month.

With ChallengeBox you\’ll feel more in control of your fitness, and have more fun while you\’re at it!

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Every month we  analyze your fitness activity and goals to send you a box with a new 30-day Challenge.

Your ChallengeBox Membership includes:

  • Healthy snacks
  • Exercise gear
  • Fitness accessories
  • Recipes
  • Meal Plan Downloads
  • Fun weekly challenge competitions
  • Access to ask questions of our trainers in our dedicated online Facebook group.
  • and much more!


1. Create your Fitness Profile

Tell us what your fitness goals are, and we’ll personalize your monthly challenge.

2. ChallengeBox Delivered

Every month we deliver a box with your personalized workout plan, gear and snacks to reach your goals.

3. Reach your goals.

Reach your goals faster with ChallengeBox. Earn rewards and discounts when you meet your challenge.


Take a second to tell us about your fitness goals so we can send you the best challenge each month!

You can change your profile anytime.